The Moment Is Now: Save Wirikuta, The Sacred Heart Of Mexico! Oct. 26-27, 2011

The Moment Is Now: Save Wirikuta, The Sacred Heart Of Mexico! Oct. 26-27, 2011

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October 22, 2011

The Wixarika People are calling all social movements, activists and Indigenous Peoples around the world to join them in solidarity from Oct. 26-27, 2011, to help Save Wirikuta, The Sacred Heart Of Mexico!

For updates, background and more information, please visit the website of the Wirikuta Defense Front.


To the National and International Civil Society.
To the Native Peoples of the World.
To the National Indigenous Congress.
To the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity.
To the Governments of the World.

The Front for the Defense of Wirikuta: Tamatsima Waha’a (The Sacred Water of our Elder Brothers), headed by the Wixarika Regional Council, releases the following communiqué to those who with their solidarity have shared with us their path and their struggle, to the honest men and women of the world, to the peoples, nations and indigenous tribes, to the supportive and conscious students, to those who suffer as a result of the war that this country confronts and that is expressed in so many ways as injustices throughout the national territory, to the ecologists, housewives, defenders of human rights, to those who sing, pray and dance so that it not be forgotten that our Mother Earth is alive, to those who respect the determined word, beginning with respect for our Ancestors who continue to give us rain, corn, life and new dawns.


* That the sacred desert of Wirikuta continues to be threatened by mining and agroindustrial companies that threaten the survival of this place that is fundamental for the balance of life on Earth,

* That after more than a year since the Wixarika People and with them, thousands of people throughout the world, have been raising our voices against the attempt to destroy one of the most important sacred sites on the planet which is fundamental for the continued existence of the Wixarika People, who with the collective voice of their community assemblies, which are borne by their traditional and agrarian authorities, by their jicareros (bearers of votive offerings) and their elders, are the point of the arrow that is the Tamatsima Waha’a Defense Front for Wirikuta.

* That the answer of the government in the face of this outcry has been to give more concessions and permits to big mining and agroindustrial companies in order to devastate all of the sacred territory, at the cost of extreme poverty in the communities of the desert and at the cost of assassinating the Wixarika culture and the balance of the cosmos.

* That the United States of Mexico has taken no notice of its obligations to indigenous rights, to which it committed in international conventions and treaties.

* That the Mexican State has betrayed its word given in the Pact of Hauxa Manaká signed in 2008, between the national executive and the governors of four states of the republic.

* That the Regional Wixarika Council has decided to take to Mexico City its word directed to the peoples and the governments of the World.

Today, more than a year after we issued a historic demand, in the hope that a tomorrow will be possible for all in which we will continue to depend on the Sun being reborn each day

We hereby call you to join the Mobilization

Save Wirikuta, Sacred Heart of Mexico

Under the slogan:

The Moment is Now
Oct. 26-27, 2011

How to join:

Participate actively in the meetings with university students, intellectuals, artists and social movements that support the Wixarika people. The agenda will be released in a press conference held by the Wirikuta Defense Front and the Wixarika Regional Council on Oct. 26 at 10:30 a.m. in the Agustín Pro Human Rights Center, Serapio Rendón 57B, Colonia San Rafael.

Attend the reception and welcome the Wixarika delegation that will arrive in University City (National Autonomous University of Mexico) at 16:30 pm on the 26th.

Accompany us on the march that will be carried out on Oct. 27, with the concentration to be at 16:00 at the Angel of Independence and we will walk to the Museum of Anthropology, passing by the official residence of Los Pinos. Don’t forget to make offerings of Gods’ Eyes and bring a candle, use your creativity in the signs and banners alluding to the defense of Wirikuta. There will be music and cultural activities.

Participate from your cities and communities organizing forums, workshops, marches, informational meetings, parties, performances, etc. Send photographs and videos where you are showing your solidarity with Wirikuta to the following e-mails:

President of Mexico Felipe Calderon

Secretary of Governance

Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights

Wirikuta Defense Front, for its diffusion and

We hope to count on your support.


Wirikuta Defense Front of Tamatsima Waha’a
Wixarika Regional Council for the Defense of Wirikuta

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