The Lost Taino Tribe
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The Lost Taino Tribe

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September 17, 2011

THE LOST TAINO TRIBE examines the complex issue of Taino history in Boriquén (Puerto Rico) and documents the efforts of the Taino resurgence movement taking place throughout the Americas.

History says that for the Taínos, the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, 1492 was the beginning of their eventual extinction and today Taínos are tired of being ghosts and are on a quest to reclaim their identity.

THE LOST TAINO TRIBE examines the Taíno revival movement, a grassroots conglomeration of Puerto Ricans and other Latinos who promote or have adopted the culture of the Taíno Indian population of Puerto Rico and the western Caribbean. The story of the Taínos is not well known and has mostly been told from the European perspective; this documentary gives a voice to those that self-identify as Taíno today.

You can find more clips from the film at, a website that doubles as a Taíno social network for the film.

For resources and more information about the Taino People, visit and

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