The Fluoride Deception

The Fluoride Deception

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February 23, 2008

Have you ever wondered why the government puts fluoride in Water? Or perhaps, just where that fluoride comes from? How about other uses? Can fluoride do more than “fight cavities?”

If you’ve asked such questions, than I trust you won’t be surprised to hear that fluoride–the same ingredient in your toothpaste–is also used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, to prepare Sarin nerve gas, and to make Teflon plastic. It’s also an active ingredient in pesticides, and in the pharmaceuticals: Prozac and Cipro. I guess that’s why every bottle of toothpaste has a label explicitly warning you not to swallow any… But then why is fluoride being dumped into our water?

As for where it comes from… would you believe that almost 90 percent of the fluoride added to water is actually industrial waste…

While these points are are not closely examined in the following video, you will find Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, discussing some of the findings contained in his book, the Fluoride Deception.

The deception, is effectively a public relations scheme prompted by industrial users of fluoride. After World War 2, these folks wanted to avoid lawsuits by factory workers and others who were poisoned by industrial fluoride pollution. According to Bryson’s research, they enlisted the help of people like Edward Bernays–The Father of Spin–to prove the innocuousness of fluoride compounds. One way they did this was by making fluoride attribute to our health… You like your teeth, don’t you?

They also created a market to stimulate and encourage fluoride production. That’s where fluoridation comes in… Fluoridation: “the addition of a chemical to increase the concentration of fluoride ions in drinking water to reduce the incidence of tooth decay.”

While fluoride does help prevent tooth decay to a small extent, it does a whole lot more than that. The body of evidence is growing bigger and bigger.

Bryson’s book makes an important contribution to that body through demonstrating fluoride’s harmfulness, while exposing the Fluoride Deception to all of us.

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