Tell Barrick to Stop Mining on Sacred Grounds

Tell Barrick to Stop Mining on Sacred Grounds

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April 25, 2007

ALERT!! Please help protect Western Shoshone spiritual areas from Gold Mining – Sign the attached petition and forward to your friends and family.

Tell Barrick to Stop Mining on Sacred Grounds

What would you do if someone came onto your land and started drilling for gold?

It’s happening right now to the Western Shoshone people of Nevada. A mining company called Barrick Gold has been mining Shoshone lands without consent and is now expanding into Mount Tenabo and Horse Canyon, areas considered sacred to the Shoshone.

Even though the Shoshone have repeatedly protested these incursions and the UN stated last year that no companies should mine these Native American tribal lands without the Shoshone’s permission, Barrick has continued its operations.

The Western Shoshone people have invited Barrick officials to discuss the matter, but the company has refused. Even worse, Barrick has continued its activities, bringing in drilling rigs and erecting a locked fence preventing access to certain areas.

We want Barrick to know that the Western Shoshone peoples have strong support among concerned citizens around the world. Please sign the petition to show your support and to tell Barrick to stop drilling without Shoshone consent. Send this message to your friends to help us make a strong statement for justice.

On May 2, Western Shoshone representatives will attend Barrick’s annual stockholder meeting in Toronto to restate their opposition to the mine and call on Barrick to make a good faith effort to resolve the issue. To strengthen their case, we are asking you to sign our petition calling on Barrick to stop mining without Shoshone consent.

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