Sunset Over Selungo
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Sunset Over Selungo

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September 22, 2014

Sunset Over Selungo is the inspiring story of people from the Penan tribe fighting to defend their rainforest home from being cut down. They need your support to create the Penan Peace Park – a grassroots initiative that would recognize their land rights and protect the jungle for generations to come.

What is the Penan Peace Park?

In 2009, 18 Penan villages united to create a proposal for a new protected area. The aim: to guard their lands against loggers and preserve their culture for generations to come. The Penan Peace Park was born.

Although the Penan communities have always lived here, they do not have official title deeds to their land because the government has not provided them. There is a risk logging companies will try and bribe the villages to sign away their land rights forever. Until the Penan Peace Park is officially recognised by the government then the risk of complete deforestation remains.

The area around Selungo is one of the last untouched pockets of jungle left. The villages in Upper Baram are calling out for support as they struggle to defend their land.

Officially establishing the Penan Peace Park by law would be a milestone for tribal peoples and a shining example of conservation and justice. But the villages cannot do it alone. Your support can make this happen.

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