Summit of the People of the South – June 28 and 29
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Summit of the People of the South – June 28 and 29

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June 28, 2007

The Summit of the People of the South Began today in Asuncion, Paraguay. A Live Radio Broadcast (in spanish) is available at

This year’s Summit — bringing together social groups, NGO’s indigenous peoples, and others from around South America — is focusing on continuing the debates discussed in previous summits (Chile 1998, Quebec 2001, Mar de Plata 2005, Còrdoba 2006, Cochabamba 2006), and to move towards creating an expanded alliance between different social sectors, aswell as to discuss matters of sovereignty in South America.

At the Summit’s end, “a multitude of marches will be called on to celebrate and culminate the international summit of social movements. The march seeks to condense the diversity of Paraguay and Latin America and at the same time denounce the grave situation that is violating the Paraguayan people, especially the social movements which have been criminalized by the government in their attempt to defend their rights.” (source)
Go to the Summit website for more information (english translated may not work)

The President’s Summit began today aswell, also in Asuncion. But this Summit is exclusively for the Presidents who signed on for MERCOSUR (Mercado Comun del Sur, or, the Southern Common Market) the goal of which is to implement and reinforce an integrated corporate program in South America, which as noted in the Social Voice, is for the benefit of the Nations and Corporations, not the people.

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