Strategies of Struggle from Below
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Strategies of Struggle from Below

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October 29, 2011

Strategies of Struggle from Below is an experimental documentary exploring diverse forms of social organisation throughout the beautiful, unique but complex country of Colombia.

Street art, technology, education, direct action and international solidarity are some of the tools used by artists, students, indigenous groups, unions and other social grassroots organisations to challenge the dominant social relations of neoliberal policy – lowering of working conditions, generalised repression, impunity, individualism and competition.

Strategies of Struggle from Below is licensed under the following Creative Commons License:

Director: Entretejid@s Producciones
Runtime: 111 min
Languages: Espanol (English Subtitles)
Film Hosted By:

The producers of this film invite you to organize a local screening of Strategies of Struggle. If you need a hand with that, you can reach them at – they’re willing do as much as they can. They only ask that you do not charge or pay to see the film.

You’re also welcome to copy and distribute the film, either by making DVDs or creating and seeding a torrent on the internet. However, again it is requested that the copies aren’t bought or sold.

To get a hard copy of the film, send an email to and a DVD will be sent by post.

After watching the material, you can help the project continue by lending a friend the material or telling them about the website:

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