Straight to Hell
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Straight to Hell

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December 5, 2012

We all live on the same planet. Breathe the same air. Drink the same water.

As a planet in motion, that air and water — along with mammals, fish and birds — moves around. Nuclear meltdown in Japan leaves infants dead in Canada. Oil spills in the Salish Sea kill whales from California.

As the Government of Canada risks the pristine wilderness of its Pacific coast to export Tar Sands oil to China, the Government of the United States likewise risks the rich marine ecosystem of the Salish Sea to export Powder River coal for use in Chinese industry. While organized labor in the US seeks a piece of the carbon cartel pie, workers in China demonstrate daily against the Government of China over air pollution and other toxic wastes that are killing their communities.

With oil and gas companies in the US fracturing water tables and poisoning aquifers with toxic chemicals, American communities are waking up to the insanity of globalization. With fossil fuel generated climate change ravaging the glaciers, icecaps and shorelines of the world, promoting a fossil fuel frenzy by exporting North America’s energy reserves to Asia isn’t just foolish, it’s suicidal.

But then, apocalypse has never been anything that worried Wall Street. As we enter the second great depression thanks to their recklessness, the guiding hand of the Free Market is leading us straight to hell.

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