South Africa – The Mohlohlo Facing Encroachment, Refuse to Leave

South Africa – The Mohlohlo Facing Encroachment, Refuse to Leave

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August 1, 2007

The Mohlohlo, a People located in Limpopo, South Africa—are currently facing the steady encroachment of Anglo Platinum.

The mining company apparently ‘negotiated’ for the land on which the Mohlohlo live on, in exchange for their relocation. However the Mohlohlo say the negotiation was fraudulent, and they have for some time now refused to leave.

Anglo Platinum doesn’t seem to mind much. I mean they are just continuing to blast the land…

From – The Mohlohlo community near Mokopane, a mining town in the northern province of the country, is refusing to relocate to a newly built township to make way for an Anglo Platinum mine.

With the mine now blasting regularly and their farming and grazing land fenced off, the community’s ability to grow its own food has been affected.

“We stopped ploughing our land since 2001 and the compensation that we are getting from the mine is too little,” says Paul Thobane, a community leader.

Comprising of two villages, the community of about 10 000 people is disputing the process over the terms of the proposed relocations which they claim are “oppressive and exploitative” and pay no respect to the rights of the community.

The community demands that there should be no relocation unless the community is fully informed and consents to such.

On the other hand the London and Johannesburg listed Anglo Platinum says it has negotiated the relocation processes to the new townships, built at a cost of R600 million (about US$85.5 million), with the community through its representatives.

However, according to the community, the mining company had consulted with undemocratic and accountable Section 21 companies that it has formed masquerading as community representatives.

Anglo Platinum is expanding its operations to exploit the northern limb of the platinum-rich Bushveld Complex to eventually produce 230,000 ounces of platinum per year. (source)

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