SOLIDARITY NOT CHARITY! A donation appeal for Intercontinental Cry

SOLIDARITY NOT CHARITY! A donation appeal for Intercontinental Cry

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November 22, 2012

We know there’s alot of great news providers out there asking for donations; but how many of them really need it?

We don’t like to talk about this; but, the fact is, IC’s two most prolific writers can’t even afford to pay for the internet. If we lose them, we will lose the only online grassroots magazine for the global Indigenous movement.

To help make sure that doesn’t happen, please consider donating or becoming a sustainer

As a volunteer-run magazine, IC doesn’t receive any funding from governments, corporations or private foundations. The only way we can sustain our work, is with your help.

And if you ask us, we do need to continue our work. On average, The world’s top mainstream news providers offer just 1 per cent of the stories that we cover. The top alternative news providers, on the other hand, offer less than 10 per cent.

We’re all about covering the stories they ignore, and making sure that you can read them in an open environment that’s free of ads, gimmicks, cheap thrills and anything else that wastes your time and intelligence.

If that’s something you can get behind, then please, help us raise the funds we need for 2013!


John Ahni Schertow
Founder, Publisher, Web Designer, Editor, Author & Communications Manager at Intercontinental Cry


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