Six Nations Halt Construction at Five Sites
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Six Nations Halt Construction at Five Sites

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July 10, 2008

On Monday, about 150 Six Nations People stopped construction at a number of development projects in Brantford, ignoring last month’s court injunction that prohibits “native protests.”

“Our people have been patient and today our patience has run out,” said Butch Thomas, a Seneca sub-chief. “Any new development in this area or on our land has got to stop. Today is the first day of taking back our territory.”

The Canadian Press notes,

[This is] the first time the Confederacy chiefs — men such as Allen MacNaughton, Ron Thomas and Butch Thomas — had come out publicly in support of the land protesters.”

One woman suggested the men had been urged to make a stand by the Six Nations clan mothers.

The chiefs were joined by several clan mothers, Mohawk Nation members and one elected band councillor. At times, there may have been more than 200 involved.

“This is to show the support of the chiefs,” said MacNaughton.

“The city has accelerated things to hurry and cover up our land. They’ve interfered with our people’s rights to free speech and tried to silence our voices.”

In other words, it’s business as usual. And with Brantford Mayor Mike Hancock running back to the courts (because this group of non-Canadians broke Canadian law on non-Canadian land.) it may very well continue to be so.

However, the ironically misplaced injunction may be on the way out. According to the Expositor, Band Council Chief Bill Montour said on Tuesday the Council “plans to file a court action this month asking for ‘declaratory relief’ against the injunction.”

Montour explained that, if the court actions succeeds it would put a hold on development so the land claims issues can be worked out. “If we can sit down as neighbours and come out with a win/win situation, it’s better than a contest of who’s winning and who’s losing. Because right now, it’s just the lawyers winning,” Montour said.

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