Six Nations Confederacy responds to 4.4 trillion dollar lawsuit
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Six Nations Confederacy responds to 4.4 trillion dollar lawsuit

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March 12, 2007

Confederacy responds to notice of action in 4.4 trillion dollar lawsuit
Quote from The Sachem and Gazette
Friday March 2, 2007

GRAND RIVER OF THE SIX NATIONS TERRITORY ~ It is with deep concern and regret that the Six Nations Rotiienehson (Confederacy Council)issue this notice to the people of Six Nations and to the public in general.

The Haundenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy Council strives to work in unity with all of the people of the Six Nations and our member nations to continue to protect our land rights, including those within the Haldimand
Treaty of October 25, 1784.

The Confederacy Council has received widespread support from the Six Nations Community, including Six Nations Elected Administrative Council.

It is unfortunate when a few individuals misrepresent themselves as a nation and ‘stewards’ of the land. It is clear that this is an attempt to derail the ongoing negotiations as well as an obvious attempted “cash grab.” This attempt will not be successful.

So it is with the deepest regret that the Confederacy must respond to a matter that is outside our law and our treaties. We can state without any doubt that the ‘claims’ made in the Notice of Action dated February 14,
2007 are false, untrue and based upon a distorted and misguided agenda.

As everyone is also aware the Ontario Superior Court of Justice does not have any jurisdiction over the Haundenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy Council and/or lands prescribed by the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784. We also wish to express our support to those hardworking individuals who have been arbitrarily named in this frivolous Notice of Action. A number of Six Nations citizens from all of our member nations have come forward
at their own expense and time, and volunteered their expertise to provide help to the leadership of Six Nations. To these people we express our deepest gratitude by saying Nya:weh and encouragement to continue. We urge
those individuals (Curtis Hill aka Ellis Hill, Deb Springle, Derek Lickers, Gertrde Miller aka Trudy Miller, Melissa Miller, Trevor Miller, Angel Smith, Leah Brant) who are attempting to “hack at the white roots of peace” to realize that they alone are responsible for their choices and must live with the consequences as well.

We, once again, urge all factions to set aside their differences and strive to work in harmony as our Great Law guides us.

Leroy Hill (Cayuga sub-chief)
Secretary, Confederacy Council

With this I would like to add at last nights meeting at Polytec where I attended last nights emergency community meeting, Trudy Miller attended as well and addressed the listeners that “her or her family are not a part of this lawsuit of 4.4 trillion dollars and is upset that they ~ (meaning Mohawk Stewards) used her family this way.”

from the Six Nations Information List.

Background from the Haldimand Spectator

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