Article Series


Church & State

In this article series, Jay Taber takes a close look at religious hysteria in America and the spiritual warfare of Puritanical conservatism against socialism and the Indigenous Peoples Movement. As spiritual warriors like Sarah Palin battle to create a theocracy in the United States and bring on the Apocalypse in Palestine, American Indians are caught between tribal sovereignty and white rage. With the Tea Party on a rampage to reassert Christian white supremacy in American public institutions, it behooves us to understand the Puritan roots of this holy war.


Part 1: Fears of pagansocialism

Part 2: Religion & culture

Part 3: Atonement

The Barabaig Project

In this series, we explore a new participatory economic development project that aims to secure a sustainable future for the Barabaig of Basodami sub-village in North Central Tanzania.


Survival, Sovereignty & Sustainability at 'Ground Zero' for Climate Change & Globalization

Interview with the Barabaig about the Current Food Crisis

IKP & the Barabaig: A Heart to Heart Partnership

Barabaig Training Manual