Series Exclusives

We present you with all past, present and upcoming series exclusive to Intercontinental Cry
by August 15, 2012

Grand Canyon Futures

In this special twelve-part series, IC investigates the Canyon uranium mine and other uranium threats in this iconic natural landscape. Produced in partnership with Toward Freedom.

Guardians of Mother Earth

IC takes you into the U’wa Resguardo, an indigenous territory in Colombia that is restricted to all outsiders.

The Guardians of Mother Earth //
They say the land is dead, but it lives yet // The legacy of Berito Cobaria // War, Petroleum, and Profit

Behind the Miskito Curtain

Miskitos refugees are streaming out of their traditional territories to escape the escalating conflict with ‘colonos’ who are attempting to violently & illegally seize ancestral Miskito land. This upcoming series will bring you to the frontlines.

Keep It In The Ground

In this exclusive series, Intercontinental Cry and the Indigenous Environmental Network join forces to cover the Fight against the Fossil Fuel Industry in the Gulf and related struggles.

Protecting the Seas to Save the Land // Death Knell for the Mississippi River Delta // Snapshot: Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Development // Testimony from the Bayou, Clarice Friloux

Under the Nuclear Cloud

A four-part series that draws on preliminary results from the crowdfunded Radiation Exposure Risk Assessment Action Project by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS).

On the Need for a Risk assessment of Nuclear Technology on Fourth World Territories

Church & State

Jay Taber takes a close look at religious hysteria in America and the spiritual warfare of Puritanical conservatism against socialism and the Indigenous Peoples Movement.

Fears of pagan socialism // Religion & culture // Atonement