Sacred Camp Established on Hollow Water Traditional Territory

Sacred Camp Established on Hollow Water Traditional Territory

Lands Under Threat From Proposed Frack Sand Mine
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February 21, 2019

Concerned community members of the Hollow Water First Nation have established Camp Morningstar, on their traditional lands, to pray for the people, lands and water, which are under threat from a proposed Canadian Premium Sand (CPS) frack sand mine that wants to construct a processing facility and mine 1 or more million tons of frack sand per year on a registered community trapline on Treaty 5 territory, on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

The company has submitted an Environmental Act Proposal (EPA) to the government of Manitoba as part of their requirement to receive a Class 2 license under the Manitoba Environment Act. Meantime they have requested work permits to begin clearing and preparation for this project immediately and ahead of the conclusion of section 35 consultations, under which meaningful consultation with all Hollow Water FN members is required. Some question the validity of the current process, which they say is being pushed through without due process and their concerns being answered.

There has been clearing activity today on an access road that is near the site of Camp Morningstar, where concerned members say they will stay and pray for their lands.

“What the Frack Manitoba”, a group comprised of concerned citizens and Hollow Water members has repeatedly called on the province of Manitoba to reveal whether a work permit has been issued for CPS. The company indicated in their EAP that they were seeking works permits under the Manitoba Crown Lands Act. so they can begin site clearing and preparation work for their frack sand mine and processing facility in February or March. The company has not, as yet, received a Class 2 Development Licence under the Manitoba Environment Act for its proposed development project.

Issuance of a work permit to the company to begin site clearing work before Section 35 Consultation has concluded with Hollow Water First Nations community would be a clear violation of their legal obligation to uphold Section 35 rights, as free, prior and informed consent has not been given by the community. The group is calling for a full federal/provincial joint environmental review of the proposed project.

Supporters are invited to come and join them with a good heart and share in their prayers.


Camp Morningstar
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