Rights to Indigenous Communications: Media as a Tool for Social Transformation

Rights to Indigenous Communications: Media as a Tool for Social Transformation

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April 16, 2018

Monday April 16, 2018 – Wapikoni Mobile, the Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Cine y Comunicación de los Pueblos Indígenas (CLACPI), the Plural+ Festival of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), and the Guatemalan festival FICMAYAB, will host a parallel event entitled: Rights to Indigenous Communications: Media for social transformation, during the 17th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Rights to Indigenous Communications: Media for social transformation will highlight the different issues that Indigenous filmmakers and communicators face in various countries in Latin America as well as in Canada and present the impacts of media initiatives. The objective is to put the rights of Indigenous Communications on the international agenda. We need clear measures to protect and promote Indigenous identities and Cultures.



Andrea Ixchiu| Maya K’iche | RED TZ’IKIN – Network of independent filmmakers of Guatemala
Mariano Estrada| Tseltal, Mexico | General Coordinator of the Latin America Indigenous Peoples film and communication Coordination.
David Hernández Palmar Wayuu, Vénezuela | CLACPI Political Advisor and Director of the International Indigenous Film Festival of Venezuela (MICIV)
Manon Barbeau | Quebec, Canada | Founding President, Wapikoni mobile
Odile Joannette | Innu, Pessamit, Quebec, Canada | Executive Director, Wapikoni mobile
Jordi Torrent | Project Manager, Media and Information Literacy Education, UNAOC

Invited filmmakers:
Uapukun Mestokosho McKenzie, Innu from the community of Ekuanitshit, Quebec, Canada
Shanice Mollen-Picard, Innu from the community of Ekuanitshit, Quebec, Canada
Jemmy Echaquan Dubé, Atikamekw from the community of Manawan, Quebec Canada

WHERE: Conference room CR-6, United Nations Headquarters in New York, Building GA

WHEN: Thursday April 19, 2018 from 6:15 to 8:00PM



Wapikoni mobile : Virginie Michel, communication@wapikoni.ca, +1 514 922 – 2315
CLACPI | FICMAYAB : David Hernández Palmar, coordinacion@clacpi.org, +58 414 – 632 1312
PLURAL+ | UNAOC : Jordi Torrent, jordit@unops.org, +1-929-274-6216

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