Making a Stand at Desert Rock

Making a Stand at Desert Rock

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March 12, 2007

On December 12th, 2006 community members in Chaco Rio, New Mexico established a blockade to prevent preliminary work for proposed development of a massive coal-fired power plant.

Sithe Global & Diné Power Authority (DPA) are attempting to build the “Desert Rock” power plant, a 1,500 megawatt coal-fired plant in the Four Corners area on the Navajo Reservation. This is an area already polluted by 2 other major coal power plants ( Four Corners and San Juan power plants ).

Doodá (NO!) Desert Rock (DDR) embodies a spirit of resistance and action to prevent construction of the Desert Rock Energy Project.

DDR depends on grassroots member support to shield the people of the Four Corners from the increased deadly health impacts that would be unleashed by poisons from a third massive coal fired power plant.

Transnational corporations serviced by government officials have denied environmental justice in an effort to destroy our Diné (Navajo) homeland. This abuse must STOP!

Making a Stand at Desert Rock

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