Sustainer Questions and Answers


Why Support IC Magazine

1. Most importantly, IC is unique. Over the past ten years, we’ve published thousands of stories addressing the challenges, tragedies, and successes of more than 500 Indigenous Nations around the world. To our knowledge, no other online publication has come even close to this, corporate or non-profit.

In addition to our extensive coverage, we are the only publication to examine the dynamics of the global indigenous movement and the concepts critical to its success.

2. We’re open to the public. Since day one, our website has been completely free for anyone with an internet connection. We also place all our articles under a Creative Commons license, which means anyone can use them anywhere you want (as long as they provide fair attribution).

We also don’t have any ads or paywalls. With your help, we can stay that way.

How will my contribution by used?

As a Sustainer, your contribution will go directly toward increasing our reporting capacity, keeping us online, helping us reach new readers and covering general overhead. Our Sustainer program is still quite young, so at the moment we can really only afford to cover the essentials (keeping us online).

Where else do you get funds?

Other than the donations we receive from our sustainers, we get a small amount of money from selling our magazines; but all of that goes directly back into printing and distributing more magazines. Out of pure necessity, we’ve also turned to crowdfunding services like Indiegogo.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Not at this time

Can I donate by credit card?

We are able to accept credit card donations through paypal; however, we are not able to process credit cards independently (it is very expensive).

Will IC keep my information private?

Absolutely! We will never give your information to anyone, under any circumstances. We also won’t use it to send you anything other than a free magazine or two and the occasional thank you letter.

I’m unable to contribute financially. Is there anything else I can do?

There are lots of other ways you can support IC. You can share our stories and follow us on Twitter and Facebook; sign up for one of our newsletters; tell your friends about the website and help our articles reach as many people as possible. You can also send us stories that you think need some extra attention. If you have some experience as a writer, you can also write for us.

If I have any problems or other questions, who can I contact?

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

We're fighting for our lives

Indigenous Peoples are putting their bodies on the line and it's our responsibility to make sure you know why. That takes time, expertise and resources - and we're up against a constant tide of misinformation and distorted coverage. By supporting IC you're empowering the kind of journalism we need, at the moment we need it most.

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