A Question of Justice – Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Africa

by February 15, 2014

The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) is the main Human Rights body in Africa. With the establishment of its Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in Africa (Working Group) in 2001, the ACHPR took a remarkable step forward in the promotion and protection of the human rights of indigenous peoples in Africa.

The human rights situation of indigenous peoples has, since then, been on the agenda of the African Commission and henceforth has been a topic of debate between the ACHPR, states, national human rights institutions, international organisations, NGOs and indigenous peoples representatives. The Working Group’s continued activities – sensitization seminars, country visits, information activities and research – all play a crucial role in ensuring the vital dialog and awareness raising.

This film is part of the ongoing sensitization work done by the ACHPR Working Group on the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples in Africa. It gives an overview of the work of the ACHPR on indigenous peoples’ rights and illustrates the human rights situation of indigenous communities in Africa, taking examples from communities in Kenya (Endorois and Ogiek) and Cameroon (the Bagyeli and Mbororo).

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Director: Mette Sjesbo
Producer & Editor: Anders Dencker Christensen
Assisting Director: Bo Illum Jørgensen
Camera: Boaz Heller & Kennedy Odhiambo
Graphics: Jesper Frydenlund
Music: Troels Oxenvad
Production Manager: Jakob Andreassen

This movie is available for purchase at www.iwgia.org

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