Prentice Monster of Indian Affairs is out!

Prentice Monster of Indian Affairs is out!

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December 29, 2006

MNN. Dec. 27, 2006. Wow! There must be a Santa. Jim “Jonestown” Prentice got kicked out as Minister of Indian Affairs. Why? We hear the Indians were clobbering him for his “red neck” stances everywhere he went. He was committing political suicide. Big Daddy, Stephen Harper, had to hang on to all those connections that “Jonestown” has to those big oil companies in Calgary who backed his last election.

More important is that nobody has any business being a “Minister” of Indians or being our “great white father”. Putting a white fool from the colonial government over Indigenous people and our lands and resources is like putting the fox in the henhouse.

It’s time to get rid of the “Indian Act” and the Department of Indian Affairs and go back to the beginning to the real nation-to-colonist relationship. Don’t get any ideas that we will become Canadians. No way! We can and will handle our own affairs. So get out of our way while the going is good.

The Minister’s job is to keep us in our place so that the colonists and their corporations can steal everything we have. The Minister is just an overpaid concentration camp guard. The reserves are the penitentiaries without walls. They have guards there called “Indian” police who are trained and paid by the colonists.

Canada, you know everything belongs to us. We’re getting it all back. You, the corporation of Canada, have no business overseeing us. We are exposing your evil every single day and we aren’t going to stop! It is going to intensify by putting more truths out there for everyone to see.

Brown noser, Phil Fontaine, doesn’t want to stray too far from his master. He said that he wants “Jonestown” to stay on because he “knows so much about Indians, about our land claims” and about our faults!

“Jonestown” Prentice was the chairman of the Indian Land Claims Commission. He walked out because, he said, “Nothing was being done”. What he really meant was that he was put in as Minister of Indian Affairs after he came from his political appointment on that Commission. He stalled all land claims. Indians refused to deal with the Commission.

“Jonestown” Prentice, you’re supposed to be the one with the biggest clout [or is it “mouth”] in the Prime Minister’s “inner” cabinet/sanctum. Indians Affairs was a major portfolio that Prime Minister Harper wanted to keep under his big size XXL belt. He was trying to bulldoze major pipelines, dams, oil and mineral leases on Indian lands for his friends. Prentice, you became powerless because the Indians stood up to you.

Right Phil! You and all the other sell-outs, especially the “band councils” should get on that ship and go down with your colonizer handlers. You can’t have a foot in each boat according to the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum. We’d like to see you take off those fancy buckskins and put on those pantaloons, ruffles and capes that the colonizers wore. And those guns you’re pointing at us, they’ll be shooting nothing but blanks.

Recently the Cape Croker Indians decided that they wanted their land back from the non-native cottagers. The leases had run out and the Indigenous people did not want to extend their stay. The cottagers formed a protest group to put pressure on “Jonestown”. He backed them and told them to stay where they were because he was “gonna take care of things!”

For your information, there should be no next Minister of Indian Affairs because the “Tower of Terror” in Hull is coming down. The fright and threats just won’t work anymore. We demand that your illegal invasion, trespass, occupation and assumption of authority and jurisdiction over us and our land by your Crown Corporation, federal, provincial, private and all your subsidiaries, Canada Incorporated et all and your Queen get off our backs and take a flight off our land. In other words, stop the genocide!

We the Kanionke:haka/Mohawks will carry out our duties as the caretakers of Turtle Island because we are rooted here. We will not allow you to continue to impose your laws and corporations on us. Canada is illegal. [Arrest it!] We never agreed to become a part of the corrupt colonies of either Canada or the U.S.

We are a separate people from you and this land is our birthright, not yours. Stop usurping our natural tie to the land of our past, present and future generations. The law of the land is the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law of Peace.

According to your own laws you do not have jurisdiction over territory that is not a part of the foreign corporation called “Canada”. There is no evidence that our territory is part of Canada.

You are nothing but leeches who won’t stop sucking the life blood out of our people. We’re going to decolonize you with the truths for the whole world to know.

Do not put in another Monster of Indian Affairs from among one of your squatters. This is “our” table you’re sitting at. We’ll decide what to do with our people, our land and resources.

Next, you can relinquish to us all the stolen money, trust, lands, rights and possessions that you took from us. As well, turn over to us the entire GDP for the year 2006 which was created totally out of the exploitation of us, our land and our resources which are being fraudulently controlled by the Department of Indian Affairs at gunpoint. This is why we want Indian Affairs disbanded and everything turned over to us. We don’t need a minister. The hoax is over, men!

Toodle-oo and ta ta, Jim “Jonestown” Prentice. Let’s hope you’re the last Minister of Indian Affairs. Shucks! We thought we had you out of our hair. But we can still kick you around as Minister of the Environment [taking over from Rona “hair” Ambrose] because of the great big mess you’ve made of our land.

Harper, if you have your wits about you, you won’t appoint anyone to that position. The Indian act is ultra vires the BNA Act 1867, now known as the Constitution Act 1982. Section 91(24) says that “Indians and lands reserved for the Indians” is a federal responsibility only for the purpose of negotiating with us on a nation-to-nation basis. If you want to use our land, you have ask us. Canada cannot makes laws and impose them on us, like whether our rez dogs can run loose and who is an Indian.

Let’s all sing together now: “We thought we’d washed that man right out of our hair. We thought we’d washed that man right out of our hair, and sent him on his way. We heard he’s taking over Rona Ambrose’s hairdressing contract. We heard he’s taking over Rona Ambrose’s hairdressing contract, and sent her on her way!” Jim “Jonestown” Prentice, you’re a joke and you’re gone. Bye bye.

Kahentinetha Horn

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