People Power Strategy

People Power Strategy

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July 7, 2006

The following is by some friends – An excellent site worth exploring in depth on strategies for people power is

Many stimulating articles, including David Solnit’s “A People Power Strategy to End the War,” George Lakey’s classic “Strategy for a Living Revolution” and some others.

This ensemble of concrete strategy and revolutionary vision is feeding into discussion in the new SDS/Movement for a Democratic Society and will bear fruit there.

Part of what is missing in discussion of transforming Israel/Palestine is this vision of how to build a movement for truly radical change among Israelis, and radical democratic synergy between them and Palestinians. A movement of resistance that projects wildly, with radical compassion for people, beyond the intolerable status quo.

Read Lakey and wonder how it might be applied from the street up, the Israeli street, the Palestinian. Not through daydreams of economic sanctions, a politics of multiplying misery for working Israelis, many already in dire poverty, to such an extreme point that their children begin to die of hunger, their medical systems collapse, they are driven en masse to the point of emigration. Is that a scenario of ‘left populist politics’?! Maybe its travesty.

It should be about building popular movements for radical change, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, radically inclusive — not strangling simple people to some fanciful point of desperation. Which is precisely what the ruling class in Israel is doing to the Palestinians at every imaginable scale of existence.

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