Open Letter To the Gov of Canada, re: Caledonia
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Open Letter To the Gov of Canada, re: Caledonia

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April 12, 2006


In light of how Canada seems to be intent on allowing/inciting a violent confrontation with the Six Nations, to address this Federal-Jurisdiction matter in Caledonia, I thought I might share some thoughts which I hope will be considered and used towards Canada’s acceptance of their role in the Nation-to-Nation relationship with the Haudenosaunee, rather than see violence occur by Canada criminally ignoring their responsibilites, and acting as a group of boneless thugs that believes itself superior to it’s own people, the Orignal People’s of this land, the Law of the land, and its very own Canadian Law.)

To proceed with violence, aside from the tragedy of such an act, will permanantely shed the image that this country is peaceful, a Nation capable of taking a leading role in the world by first taking care of it’s own affairs, in an honourable manner.

I say that because the Original Peoples of this land are actively maintaining Peaceful relations with the Government of Canada, as per our original agreements – which also required we mutually benefit one another, never initiate violent altercations between our Nations, never interfere with what’s not our business.

We are upholding our end, and all that is being asked here is for Canada to do the same, which will result in Justice for the Hauenosaunee and clarification for all of us that Canada is indeed a model, peaceful Nation. To use violence to ‘resolve’ this – well, you will be acting against legally-binding International agreements, and the integrity of Canada itself.

Secondly, I must point out that, contrary to statements made in the media: this is about Law, Jurisdiction, People, and Our Responsibilities.

As pointed out in the “OBJECTION TO INVASION OF KAIANEREH’KO:WA TERRITORY BY THE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS OF CANADA AND ONTARIO, THEIR CORPORATE ENTITIES TO ARREST ROTINOSHON’NON:WE FOR DEFENDING THE LAND KNOWN AS THE “HALDIMAND TRACT” the relationship and role of Canada to the Indigenous People of this Land is irrefutuable. All situations between Canada and the Original peoples of this Land is solely and exclusively a Federal Matter. The role of Provinces, is to assist and serve the Original Peoples of this Land on behalf of the Federal Government. Furthermore, as all corporations in Canada are subject to the Law of Canada, no corporation can directly effect the lives (or the land) of the Original Peoples on this Land without Canada getting Our approval.

The Original Peoples of this land have never forfeited their title, Sovereignty, or role as a Nation of Nations on this Land. To ignore this criminally negligent.

Third, in relation to the current Ipperwash inquiry (and related historical international altercations betwen Canada and the Original Peoples) — Canada is in fact validating what will become the eventual conclusion in the Ipperwash Inquiry, which will, in time, lead to a number of standards and practices contrary to current and historical Canadian Governmental policies towards Indigenous People. Most certainly this will benefit all of us, and these changes will happen regardless of what happens in Caledonia, but it will go a long way for Canada to accept their role and obligations here. Especially considering, in reference to the article written in the Hamilton Spectator called “Nobody wants another Ipperwash,” the fact is, Ipperwash is not what will reoccur here. OKA’s what will be repeated.

I’m certain all Canadians in Caledonia and surrounding areas would hate to see OKA happen near their homes – to see Elderly Women, Pregnant Women, Children, and Great Grandfathers being stoned while the Police stand by because it’s “too risky” — to see a Woman who’s about to give birth be terrorized and violated by Men wanting to look between her legs to make sure she’s not hiding anything…

The People of Caledonia, and indeed all Canadians would rather see their government act with integrity, honour, and to resolve this peacefully. I know for certain the Rotinshon’non:we (Women Title Holders) want to resolve this Peacefully. So do all the protesters supporting them, the United Nations, and everyone around the world watching and waiting to see if Canada has learned anything from history, and if Steven Harper has what it takes to be a Prime Minister, or if he’s just going to mimic the unremarkable and Jaded legacies of Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, and Brian Mulroney.


John Schertow

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