Oneidas for Democracy

Oneidas for Democracy

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December 3, 2013

While it’s common knowledge the U.S. Government supports dictators in Asia, Africa and Latin America, it’s less well-known that it supports dictators here at home–in particular on American Indian reservations like the Oneida of New York. In this story at the Utica Phoenix, we learn how Oneida gangster Ray Halbritter became CEO of the Oneida casino/media empire (owner of Indian Country Today) by selling favors to President Clinton, who in turn had Bureau of Indian Affairs Assistant Secretary Ada Deer appoint Halbritter as leader of the Oneida Nation.

While the intrigue involving former Governor Cuomo, who, along with Halbritter, facilitated the casino — against the wishes of the Oneida people — might seem bizarre, in the end it was about money and power. That money and power has brought what the Oneida feared: crime, drugs, prostitution and ruthless retribution by Halbritter’s special police when Oneida citizens dare oppose his criminal enterprise.

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