We Are One Mind: Perspectives from Emerging Indigenous Leaders On the Arctic Policy Framework

We Are One Mind: Perspectives from Emerging Indigenous Leaders On the Arctic Policy Framework

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February 9, 2018

Somba K’e, Denendeh (February 8, 2018) – Dene Nahjo is proud to release ‘We Are One Mind – Perspectives from Emerging Indigenous Leaders on the Arctic Policy Framework’, developed in partnership with Qanak in Nunavut and Our Voices in the Yukon.

We Are One Mind addresses a way forward for Canada’s Arctic Policy Framework by stating:

*Northern peoples and its communities need to be at the heart of any new framework;
*Social innovation, research and policy development must be led by northerners;
*Land, culture, arts and language are vital for healthy communities and economies;
*Indigenous self-determination is required for a mutually beneficial relationship between the North and South.

“This report is a reminder to governments and policy makers that the future and well-being of the North and its peoples require the involvement and leadership of Indigenous peoples,” said Deneze Nakehk’o, Dene Nahjo Founding Member. “Indigenous peoples have never ceded nor surrendered their nationhood to the Crown and we continue to be the guardians of our lands and communities.”

Dene Nahjo, Qanak and Our Voices are Indigenous leadership collectives in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. The three groups were generously supported by the Gordon Foundation to develop We Are One Mind.

“Dene Nahjo is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Indigenous people from the Yukon and Nunavut to develop policy recommendations that address our shared goals and interests,” said Mandee McDonald, Dene Nahjo Founding Member and Managing Director. “Though our cultures are diverse, and the challenges we face are unique, our aspirations for the north fundamentally align.”

We Are One Mind is not only a report but an example of how future Indigenous leadership can work together and with southern institutions.

We Are One Mind will be available on the Dene Nahjo blog at denenahjo.com/blog on 8 Thursday 2018, and Dene Nahjo will host a public event in Yellowknife, NT at the end of February to share the document.

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Media Contacts:
Deneze Nakehk’o
Dene Nahjo Founding Member

Mandee McDonald
Dene Nahjo Founding Member & Managing Director
C: 867.444.3363

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