Oaxaca Solidarity: EZLN Announcement; CIPO-RFM Statement.
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Oaxaca Solidarity: EZLN Announcement; CIPO-RFM Statement.

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October 31, 2006

A Call from the Zapatistas: Oaxaca Is Not Alone
Shut-Down of Roads, Highways and the Media on November 1;
General Strike Called for November 20
By the Sixth Commission of the EZLN, The Other Mexico

October 30, 2006


October 30, 2006.

To the people of Mexico:
To the people of the world:
To the Other Campaign in Mexico and the other side of the Rio Grande:

To the entire Sixth International:

Compañeros and compañeras:
Brothers and sisters:

It is now known publicly that yesterday, 29th of October 2006, Vicente Fox’s federal forces attacked the people of Oaxaca and its most legitimate representative, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).

Today, the federal troops have assassinated at least 3 people, among them a minor, leaving dozens of wounded, including many women from Oaxaca. Dozens of detainees were illegally transported to military prisons. All this comes in addition to the existing total of deaths, detainees and missing persons since the beginning of the mobilization demanding that Ulises Ruiz step down as Oaxaca?s governor.

The sole objective of the federal attack is to maintain Ulises Ruiz in power and to destroy the popular grassroots organization of the people of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca?s people are resisting. Not one single honest person can remain quiet and unmoved while the entire society, of which the majority are indigenous, is murdered, beaten and jailed.

We, the Zapatistas, will not be silent; we will mobilize to support our brothers, sisters and comrades in Oaxaca.

The EZLN?s Sixth Commission has already consulted the Zapatista leadership and the following has been decided:

First: During whole day of November 1, 2006, the major and minor roads that cross Zapatistas territories in the southwestern state of Chiapas will be closed.

Consequently, we ask that everyone avoid traveling by these roads in Chiapas on this day and that one make the necessary arrangements in order to do so.

Second: through the Sixth Commission, the EZLN has begun making contact and consulting other political and social organizations, groups, collectives and individuals in the Other Campaign, in order to coordinate
joint solidarity actions across Mexico, leading to a nationwide shut-down on the 20th of November, 2006.

Third: the EZLN calls out to the Other Campaign in Mexico and north of the Rio Grande, so that these November 1st mobilizations happen wherever possible, completely, partially, at intervals or symbolically shutting down the major artery roads, streets, toll booths, stations, airports and commercial media.

Fourth: The central message that the Zapatistas send and will continue sending is that the people of Oaxaca are not alone: They are not alone!

Ulises Ruiz out of Oaxaca!

Immediate withdrawal of the occupying federal forces from Oaxaca!

Immediate and unconditional freedom for all detainees!

Cancel all arrest warrants!

Punish the murderers!


>From the North of Mexico.
For the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee-General Command of
the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
For the EZLN Sixth Commission.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, October, 2006.

Translation: Radio Pacheco

2) Call from member of the Counsel of Indigenous People of Oaxaca- Ricardo
Flores Magon (CIPO-RFM)

We must get outraged because that’s what these things call for.

What we must do:
1) Have all your contacts call Oaxaca and call the CIPO house to give them
encouragement and to tell them what you’re going to do. CIPO house:
2) Call Oaxaca every day to find out what should be done and to find out
what’s happening there with the compas because the CIPO house is
surrounded by police.
3) I send you the proposed letter for folks in the US to sign and send to
Mexico and to the consulates and also to the US embassy, because a fellow
countryman was killed.

Consulate of Mexico
20 Park plz
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 426-4181

President Vicente Fox Quesada
Residencia Oficial de los Pinos
Puerta 1, Primer Piso
Colonia San Miguel
11850 Mexico DF

Telephone: 011 52 (55) 2789 1100 or 011 52 (55) 18 7501
Fax: 011 52 (55) 52 77 23 76
Email: vicente.fox.quesada@presidencia.gob.mx

U.S. Embassy in Mexico
Paseo de la Reforma 305
Col. Cuauhtemoc
06500 Mexico, D.F.

Phone: 011-52-55-5080-2000
Fax: 011-52-55-5511-9980
Email: embeuamx@state.gov

4) We must always mention that the death should oblige the government to
dismiss Ulises Ruiz Ortiz and that they not send the police against the

We must also send the letter which is already in english to the other

A. (CIPO-RFM in US City)

3) Proposed Sample Letter to President Vincente Fox and Your Local Mexican Consulate

Friday, October 27, 2006

ATT: Vicente Fox Quesada
Constitutional President of the United States of Mexico
Tel: (55) 59992800
Fax: (55) 52772376

RE: Repression of the People of Oaxaca

President Fox,

As someone concerned with the respect of human rights everywhere, I am writing to you to express my great concern over the violence being perpetrated by your government against the people of Oaxaca, including
representatives of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) and Section 22 of the National Teacher?s Union. I urge you to call for an immediate cessation of all acts of repression against the Oaxacan people and to heed their long standing demand for the removal and political trial of Governor Ulises Ruiz.

It has come to my attention that despite the maintenance of peaceful opposition to the state’s governor for months now, the Oaxacan people have been subjected to forced disappearances, arbitrary detentions, routine
threats and armed attacks. In the last weeks, we have received news in Canada of the deployment of thousands of troops surrounding Oaxaca City by your government as well as the murders of several teachers and members of APPO. Furthermore, we have just received the distressing notice of the murder of U.S. filmmaker Will Bradley at the hands of paramilitaries with support of the state police.

I support the demands of the people of Oaxaca for the removal of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, who has been implicated in multiple human rights violations and murders since his assumption of power two years ago and their right to
participate in a peaceful movement of resistance for the respect of their basic dignities as human beings. For this reason, I and many other Canadians will continue to pay close attention to the situation in Oaxaca
and all acts of aggression that are carried out against its people.

Therefore, I urge you to ensure that all acts of violence against the Oaxacan people at the hands of the Mexican army, the federal and state police and paramilitary troops are halted and that the safety of all representatives of the APPO and Section 22 of the National Teachers? Union and all Oaxacan people be guaranteed. I further urge you to respect truly democratic dialogue with the people of Oaxaca in regards to their political and social demands.

Cc: Consulte of all the places where you send the card.

4) For More Information

Narco News: http://narconews.com/
Official Page of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca/ Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO):http://www.asambleapopulardeoaxaca.com/
Global Indymedia Minute-by-Minute Report: http://www.indymedia.org/en/index.shtml
Radio APPO: http://www.vientos.info/cml/
EZLN: http://ezln.org.mx/
CIPO-RFM: http://www.nodo50.org/cipo/
CIPO-RFM in Vancouver (in English): http://www.nodo50.org/cipo-van/

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