Ngati Tamaahuroa Haapu Reclamation
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Ngati Tamaahuroa Haapu Reclamation

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April 27, 2007

There’s a fair amount of spin being put on this, but it’s interesting to see how the New Zealand Government has responded (allegedly, because it would take too long to take another course – like forced removal…)

From Whenua, Fenua, Enua, Vanua: Maori involved in the illegal occupation of two schools, including alleged vandalism and apparent theft of thousands of litres of water, are set to be rewarded with free land leases. The proposed deal has outraged the National Party, which says it sets a precedent for ”bullying” protesters who take over disputed Government property, trash it then get their way.

Leaked Education Ministry documents show the Treaty Settlements Office is prepared to lease Taranaki’s disused Pihama and Te Kiri schools to two occupying hapu at no cost.

The schools have allegedly suffered $23,000 damage, including broken locks and windows, graffiti and stolen fittings. (read the full story)

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