An Off-the-Record Genocide

On April 27, 2017, a hapless cow wandered off-course during a seasonal cattle drive in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and ended up over the campfire of some Indigenous hunters. The traditional lands of these groups (Batwa and related groups) are routinely trampled by cattle, cut for old-growth timber, or grabbed for mineral resources […]

Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth

Millions of Congolese have lost their lives in a conflict that the United Nations describes as the deadliest in the world since World War Two. United States allies, Rwanda and Uganda, invaded in 1996 the Congo (then Zaire) and again in 1998, which triggered the enormous loss of lives, systemic sexual violence and rape, and […]

The Politics of Genocide: White Supremacy Ideology and Corporate Control

In this eye-opening presentation, veteran war correspondent Keith Harmon Snow examines: White Supremacy Ideology, Corporate Control, and the Plunder and Depopulation of Central Africa. This lecture took place October 19th, 2011, at the Nyumburu Cultural Center ( on the campus of the University of Maryland. Keith Harmon Snow’s websites: and Overview Why are […]

Blood in the Mobile

Blood in the Mobile is a 2010 documentary film that exposes the connection between mobile phones and Democratic Republic of Congo’s bloody civil war. Synopsis We love our cell phones and the selection between different models has never been greater. But the production of phones has a dark and bloody side. The majority of minerals […]

Human Rights Defenders from the DRC Threatened

Amnesty International warns that two human rights defenders, Georges Kapiamba and Prince Kumwamba, both from from Katanga, a southern province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), have received several threats related to their human rights work since the evening of April 3. Along with other activists, Georges Kapiamba and Prince Kumwamba have been […]

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