News and Video Roundup on Tibetan Uprising
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News and Video Roundup on Tibetan Uprising

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March 16, 2008

With Tibet exiles attempting to return home, the Chinese government is in the midst of conducting a “people’s war” of violence and propaganda against Tibetan Buddhists and anyone who supports the Dalai Lama. Since this began, about one week ago, anywhere up to 300 demonstrators have died and hundreds more have been detained. By the looks of things, the situation is going to get a lot worse in the coming days.

What you Can do to Help

Students for a Free Tibet ask you to “contact your local government officials; call for UN intervention in Tibet and demand the International Olympic Committee withdraw Tibet from China’s Torch relay.

While the international public and media have been appropriately horrified by China’s clampdown, it is imperative that our national governments speak out in support for Tibet and condemn China’s actions. Please call and write to your Elected Representatives and urge them to push their governments to strongly condemn China’s crackdown in Tibet. For a sample letter, click here.

News Roundup

Courtesy of The Shanghaiist, here’s a good roundup of what’s been going on… To the right of which is a small collection of videos I put together. Also, to get continued updates, please keep an eye on, and


March 16
CNN – Statement by his Holiness the Dalai Lama
The Guardian: Tibet protests spread to neighbouring provinces
CNN – police conducting door-to-door searches in Lhasa

March 15
Tibetan Uprising: The Protest in Labrang

March 13
Tibetan Uprising: Indian Police arresting Marchers
Al Jazeera – Tibetan activists condemn Beijing Olympics

January 5
Youtube – Launch of the Tibetan Peoples Uprising Movement (background here)

The situation in and around Tibet
Reuters: Tibetan riots spread, security lockdown in Lhasa
AFP: Foreign tourists in China not allowed into Tibet: tour guides
Reuters: Nepal closes Mount Everest over protest concerns

PTI: China intensifies border vigil along Nepal-Tibet border
Reuters: Visitors recount Tibet violence, tell of troops

What China says
China Daily: 11th Panchen Lama condemns Lhasa riot
Xinhua: Shops reopen, vehicle back on streets as Lhasa calms
Xinhua: Religious leader, locals chide lawless riot in Lhasa

PTI: China unleashes vitriolic attack against the Dalai Lama

What the Dalai Lama says [also see video below]
The Times: Dalai Lama: China deserves to host Olympics
Reuters: Dalai Lama calls for probe into “cultural genocide”

What the West says
AP: West urges restraint from China in dealing with Tibetan protests

AP: German Foreign Minister urges Chinese counterpart to end violence in Tibet
AFP: French lawmakers demand visas for Tibet
Swissinfo: Tibet violence condemned
AFP: British Govt ‘concerned’ at Tibet violence
ABC News: China must be held to Olympic promises: Aust Tibet Council
PolskieRadio: Polish MPs: not too late for boycott of Olympic Games in Beijing

What’s happening with the Olympics
Fox: IOC Opposes Olympic Boycott Over Tibet, Wants Peaceful Resolution [also see here]
Reuters: Torch still going to Tibet, organisers say
ABC News: Athletes considering Beijing boycott: IOC official

Protests elsewhere
Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Protests at Chinese embassy in The Hague

The Herald Sun: Tibetan protest rocks Toorak

Around the Blogosphere [also see this article on boingboing]
ZonaEuropa: My personal experience on March 14 in Lhasa [Translation]
ZonaEuropa: Tibet!
ZonaEuropa: HK media coverage of Tibet

Black and White Cat: Riots in Lhasa and proxies that work
DavesGoneChina: Translation of Chinese tweets 1, 2 and 3
Global Voices Online: China: Fire on the streets of Lhasa, Tibet [Proxy required]
RConversation: Tibet… is discussion possible?

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