New Zealand – Ocupation Alert. Maori Reclamation

New Zealand – Ocupation Alert. Maori Reclamation

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April 17, 2007

See the video news segment titled “Whakakoro Customary Ownership” in the News section of the Whangape site

We are occupying our ancestral Maunga Whakakoro to stop it from being alienated from the Hapu forever.

WHAKAKORO It is the sacred Maunga of our ancestors Ueoneone and Reitu. All Ngapuhi whakapapa back to these Tupuna. It is the Maunga from which Ueoneone summoned his mystical Manu ( Bird ) to travel to Tainui to return with Reipai and Reitu.

From this event it connects Ngapuhi with Tainui. It is the Mountain that has watched over our Hapu as we have practiced our traditions and customs with the most important being too gather Kai Moana (seafood).
It is referred to during mihi and identified as our Maunga Moana with Rangiputa being our Maunga Whenua.

In 1992 we occupied Whakakoro under the leadership of Matua Glass Murray in protest over Whakakoro being sold by 3rd generation farmer Frank Geddes to 4 million dollar lotto winner Robert Buchanan for $700 000.00. Buchananan was responsible for:

Trying to block access to the coast
Bulldozing roads over Urupa and Waahi Tapu
Issuing trespass orders against whanau
Opposing whanau development in the environment court
Collecting and trying to trade Maori Taonga
Establishing rights on Whakakoro for Meridian Energy, QE 11, DOC, and other environment groups.
Building on land that we are trying to have returned as a reserve without permission
Permitting archaeologists onto Whakakoro to undertake studies
Operating a tourist venture that allowed tourist to go into Pa sites, and Waahi Tapu
All these things without once consulting with the Tangata Whenua Ngati Haua have had a claim (wai 696) lodged with the Waitangi Tribunal since 1997 to have all ancestral lands returned.

In 2005 He sold it for $4.5 million to high profile property developer Kim Spencer who had intentions of:

subdividing Whakakoro into 33 blocks
selling those blocks off for approx 1 million dollars each
Putting a $5 million dollar road network through the land including phone and power infrastructure

All these things without once consulting with the Tangata Whenua. Only when his attempts to develop the land were opposed by Ngati Haua and it was evident that he would not be able to develop the land did he try to talk to us with the hope that we were going to buy it back from him for $10 million.

So over a 12 yr period fueled by greed the inflated value for the land had increased by 1000% A delegation from Ngati Haua informed Kim Spencer about all the issues surrounding Whakakoro And made it clear that he was obligated to disclose this information to any future buyer.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, he sold it to Philip Parker without even hinting that there were any issues in Whangape along with providing false incentives that there was a substantial profit for the buyer through subdivision development of the property.

Philip Parker was invited to Whangape Marae to introduce himself and to inform us that he was not given any information about Ngati Haua and their claim to Whakakoro.

He is currently taking legal proceedings against Kim Spencer and others that lured him into this dispute. He supports our claim to have the land returned and has cancelled the sale as a result. The financiers, bankers, Property developers are all trying to get themselves out of the financial mess they are in.

Sell it to the next person based on deception that there are no issues to be addressed in Whangape and that the next buyer will be living in Harmony with the Tangata Whenua or, perpetuate the myth that it is a sub dividers dream with lots of sellable land that will lead to huge profits. All of a sudden there have been Millionaires, Politicians, and foreign investors all who have some financial interests at stake contacting us seeking to get themselves out of the poo they have created.

They do not want us to be successful in our claim because it would be financial suicide for them.

As a result we are now determined to ensure the land is returned into the ownership of Ngati Haua. We need to highlight our claim to ensure our voice is heard and to ensure these issues are addressed. This is an issue for all New Zealanders to support because this land is one of the last coastal propertyýs untouched by the govt, foreign investors, housing development, corporate companies, or exclusive individual owners.

We want to protect our rights and those of future generations forever.

Our Tupuna owned in lived on the land which was for all the Hapu, than the crown legislated creating the means to individualise title, alienating the land from the Hapu, then Kauri Logging industry stripped the land bare of millions of tonnes of Kauri making huge profits for themselves, than 3 generations of the Geddes Family farmed the land for their own personal gain, than they sold it to a Lotto winner for $700000.00, who sold it for $4.5million to someone who wanted to cut it up with the intent to make $33 million.

He sold the land to someone else for $10 million and during all of this we have waited, watching our sacred Maunga being used as a commodity and a few have stood against this with the dream that Whakakoro can be protected forever by Ngati Haua.

We need to stop the mortgagee tender by first mortgagers Property Funding Ltd and brokered by Barfoot and Thompson which closes at the end of the month.

We need to stop any Property developers purchasing this property and putting our way of life at risk.

We need to discourage buyers from this area and tell them the truth that this land belongs to Ngati Haua.



Come and join the occupation and make your stand and share in the knowledge (remember to koha to the kaupapa)
Contact Paul Humphries 021 873 934 or Philip Davis 021 588 843 of Barfoot and Thompson to oppose the tender and that you support the return of Whakakoro.
Talk to your whanau and friends to tell them the real story
Ring us to show your support (09) 4093508
Richard Raroa Murray Marae Delegate to Te Runanga o Te Rarawa Whakakoro Action Committee Secretary Spokesperson!


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