Nepal Indigenous Communities to Seek Rights through Talks
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Nepal Indigenous Communities to Seek Rights through Talks

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February 12, 2007

From Peace Journalism – The Nepalese Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN) says it has decided to sit for talks with the government to discuss their issues and demands.

The Federation held a meeting on Saturday which decided to form a team to hold talks with the government.

The government had recently invited the leaders of indigenous communities formally to sit together for dialogue to address their issues.

President of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Pasang Sherpa, however, said that the talks and protest programs would be carried out side by side.

The Federation has announced a series of protest programs till February 28. It has also warned to hold a rally wielding Khukuris in the capital on Monday, and called for a general strike in the Capital on February 15.

It is learnt that the federation has also called regional strikes in Bheri, Karnali, Seti and Mahakali on February 18; Rapti, Lumbini and western part of Narayani on February 20; Gandaki and Dhaulagiri on February 22; Eastern Narayani, Janakpur and Sagarmatha on February 24 and Mechi and Koshi on February 26.

It has called a nationwide general strike on February 28.


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