Natives Protest Sun Peaks and 2010 Olympics
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Natives Protest Sun Peaks and 2010 Olympics

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March 16, 2007

Natives Protest Sun Peaks and 2010 Olympics
Native Youth Movement and Skwelkewk’welt Protection Center
Media Advisory: For release on Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Secwepemc People Mobilize with the Anti-Olympic Coalition to Smash on the New Sun Peaks Road, the Continued $294-Million Sun Peaks Expansion and the 2010 Olympics in BC, CANADA!

What: Secwepemc People will gather and have a Press Conference and Protest in Sun Peaks Village to voice a united opposition to the new Sun Peaks road, The 2010 Olympics, along with Sun Peaks’ efforts to become a Municipality and the continued destruction of un-surrendered, un-ceded Secwepemc Homelands. We say No to the Olympics.

Where: Sun Peaks Village Day Lodge. Skwelkwek’welt, un-ceded Secwepemc Territory

When: 12:00 Noon, Sunday March 18th, 2007­Press Conference and Protest

Who: Secwepemc Nation, Skwelkwek’welt Protection Center, Secwepemc Native Youth Movement, Anti-Poverty Committee, No-One is Illegal, Anti-Olympic Coalition will all be showing their presence to unite our Opposition to Sun Peaks $294-million expansion and their role in the 2010 Olympics Invasion.
We will have a Peaceful gathering and Press Conference, with everybody wearing camouflage masks to symbolize the colors of Mother Earth that we show our Alliance with. We are speaking for those who you cannot be heard, the trees, animals, sky, water, and all life on the land, which also depend on our Sacred Mountains. Our faces will be covered because even when we do speak, you do not listen, from the first contact until now, we remain invisible.

Why: Sun Peaks Resort Corporation and owner, Nippon Cable (who is also a partner of Blackcomb Whistler Resort), continue to expand onto our Traditional Secwepemc Lands without the consent of the Indigenous Peoples.

Our Secwepemc Elders, who are our Traditional and Rightful Leaders have repeatedly met with Sun Peaks and have always stated, “No more expansion at Sun Peaks,” but we remain ignored and unheard. This area that Sun Peaks is destroying with its $284-million expansion is a Sacred Site and we call these mountains Skwelkwek’welt. Our Secwepemc People hunt and gather foods and medicines that grow from these Sacred Mountains. Sun Peaks is contributing to the global rush to invade more untouched Indian Lands for progress and tourism, while displacing Indigenous Peoples and ignoring Human Rights and Canadian and International Law. By destroying our Indigenous way of life, Sun Peaks is destroying our People, which is Genocide. We need road-less areas in our backcountry, we say NO to the Sun Peaks Road and expansion. We are asking Sun Peaks’ tourists and recreational enthusiasts to boycott Sun Peaks Resort and the 2010 Olympics.

We Honor Elder Warrior Harriet Nahanee who was not scared to speak up when something was wrong, and who fought till she was killed by this system of oppression and genocide in BC. We are living in one of the last pristine areas left in the World, we want to keep it that way so our future generations will Survive. Sun Peaks must be stopped. The 2010 Olympics must be stopped. We Unite our voice and all our actions with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), and all Indigenous and poor People fighting Corporations and Invaders. We hold this action at Sun Peaks in Alliance with the Cucopa People (in Baja, Mexico) and the camp they have set up to defend their Right to fish in their Traditional Territory. Nos Vemos 2010!

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