Matter of Survival

by May 24, 2012
Digital media, like oral or print media, is essentially storytelling; the narrative orients an audience toward a point of view or perception of reality. Based on that perception, an inspired audience can become further educated, make efforts at organizing others, and participate in community actions for social change. The articles in this post on netwar contain ideas relevant to how digital media relates to activism, and would be especially useful for students.
The application of one’s worldview, as I note in this post, also benefits from an informed analysis of social evolution. A comprehension of this broader context enables digital media writers, editors and publishers to seek out correspondents investigating how applied research is more effective when exposed to sociological concepts. This book examines some of the relationships between digital media and Indigenous activism in Chiapas, Mexico.
Communication in Network Society looks at how competing narratives redistribute political power. In this post, I describe how digital media storytelling is a matter of survival for Indigenous peoples.