Mapuche: Between Two Worlds

Mapuche: Between Two Worlds

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July 21, 2007

Highlighting the struggles and visions of the Mapuche people in Chile through the voices of the elders and the youth

Between Two Worlds is a collaboration between the filmmaker, Ariel Lopez Segovia, the Mapuche community of the Lago Budi area of Chile, and the US-based NGO Pachamama Conservation, which for the past 7 years has been working closely with women artisans to preserve their traditional craft, building deep relationships with Mapuche elders and youth, as well as elected leaders and support organizations.

Still in the production phase, it is the first documentary about the Mapuche people produced for an English-language audience. All interviews are in the Mapuche language Mapudungun or in Spanish, with English narration and subtitles.

These interviews tell the story of a people fighting to preserve their traditions in the face of multiple challenges from the modern world. These challenges have led the elders to hold on to their traditional ways, and preserve the songs, language, poems and stories about their culture. The youth have different stories to tell. They dream of better education and strive for a different life—and attempt to accomplish this through attending schools many miles from their remote communities. For the youths as well as the elders, their experience is a struggle between two worlds.

Currently, funding is being sought for the editing, sound design, and distribution stages of the video. For more information, please visit

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