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March 22, 2016

Here at Intercontinental Cry, we have a long and proud history of filling up cracks and crevices in the global media landscape. With the help of readers and by simply refusing to avert our eyes, we’ve been able to shed light on thousands of different struggles that most news outlets never even noticed. When we say we cover more than all other news outlets in Canada combined, we really aren’t exaggerating.

But we don’t just simply cover the news. We strive to keep you informed by giving you access to the frontlines of the world, whether it’s the Nasa opposing police and paramilitary forces in Colombia or the Kenyah, Kayan and Penan’s victory against the Baram Dam in Malaysia. We also strive to tell you things you don’t already know, like Canada’s history of forced sterilization and Enbridge’s takeover of Red Lake Land.

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Amidst all this, we take the time to honour defenders like Bertha Cáceres and Wixarika teacher and activist Yuka+ye. And of course, we bring critical context to major events, such as the case with our COP21 warning that state governments will continue to pursue counterterrorism legislation to silence defenders no matter how the talks played out.

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We got a lot of great stuff on the way too. We’re about to launch a new website the Indigenous Environmental Network for #KeepItInTheGround. We just started working with Wayuu filmmaker David Hernandez Palmar to bring Miskito Voices to the World; and we got our fiscal sponsor and publisher, the Center for World Indigenous Studies, to put together an article series for us exploring Fourth World Nations under the nuclear cloud. Meanwhile, longtime IC contributors Richard Arghiris and Jennifer Kennedy are slowly preparing to embark on their two-year journey to investigate ‘development’ in post-conflict Central America.

We’re also working around the clock to turn IC into an indigenous media powerhouse that it must become. But for the time being, we are stuck on life support. Unless Leonardo DiCaprio jumps out of the bush with his darling smile and a checkbook, we’re depending on you to continue this work.

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