Journey of Humankind

Journey of Humankind

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July 15, 2012

Learning about the journey of humankind always fascinated me. From the discovery of Lucy in the Great Rift Valley of the African Horn, to the migrations that populated the Americas, it was an amazing story of how we got to where we are today.

While there are varying interpretations about the scientific evidence of these migrations, it is still a remarkable story of evolution, innovation and adaptation. From the Anasazi architects of the American Southwest, to the cave painters of southern France, their creations remain awe-inspiring examples of the human spirit. The ability of Tuareg, San, Inuit and Sami to use accumulated knowledge to survive in harsh climes is testament to that.

While the stories of exploration, migration and integration aren’t always clear — sometimes pitting Western science against Indigenous mythology — this doesn’t mean that these interpretations cannot be harmonized; it just means that there is more to the story than is readily apparent. For myself, the important thing is reconciliation, cooperation and conservation. If we can accomplish that, then we can devote ourselves in the future to learning about our common heritage and celebrating our unique traditions.

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