It is time to walk away from the BC Treaty Process

It is time to walk away from the BC Treaty Process

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May 15, 2007

The following press release was received from

(Victoria, BC) – May 14, 2007
We are united strongly in our love for our people and for the land. We are of one mind in our belief that we have an obligation to the land, which is ours and will always be. The British Columbia Treaty Process is a dead-end for our Nations. For years we have tried to achieve justice for our peoples through the BC Treaty Process. It is time to walk away from this process as there is no possibility of achieving a just reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and Canadians within the current framework. The governments of British Columbia and Canada have proven that they are not capable of respecting our existence and they are demanding that we surrender our inherent rights and ownership of our lands. We will not surrender. The BC Treaty Process is corrupting, dividing and destroying our people; we say it is time to kill the treaty process so that our people can survive.

Sisters and Brothers: join us in an alliance to protect our inherent rights and our lands. Through our traditional government systems, we will rebuild our communities and nations and reconnect with our cultures. Their process is bankrupting our communities, their negotiating principles are an insult to our nationhood, and their vision of a relationship is unjust and unworkable. We call on you to withdraw from negotiations with British Columbia and Canada until they show respect for our people. Our intent is to live our culture and traditional governance on the land. Let us move forward. We call on all Indigenous Nations who are part of the BC Treaty Process to demonstrate their commitment to their inherent rights and nationhood on National Aboriginal Day, June 21st , and formally withdraw from the BC Treaty Process. An immediate campaign of direct, legal and court action must occur through to February 2010 to force the British Columbia and Canadian governments to understand and respect our inherent rights.

We will never give up on ourselves, we will not ruin the land, we will never surrender the future of our children, and we will not dishonour our ancestors.

CONTACT: Indigenous Rights Alliance
c/o Tribal Chief David Luggi
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
Prince George, B.C. V2L 3N2
Phone: 250.562.6279 or 1-800-280-8722
Fax: 250.562.8206

Download the Press Release here (pdf)

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