IR6: The Connections

IR6: The Connections

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April 17, 2012

Indigenous Resistance (IR), the revolutionary musical collective that brought us Dancing on John Wayne’s Head, has produced a follow up to their informative documentary film, entitled, The Connections.

The new 12-minute documentary is a moving exploration of reciprocity and the cultural and political relationship between black and indigenous peoples around the world.

The film takes its lead from the book Understanding The Connections Between Black & Aboriginal Peoples, “a treatise and travelogue of Ragingblakkindiandub’s experience as a Jamaican musical warrior traveling within indigenous societies”. This book is sold online through lulu and can be purchased here

The film, which was produced without any exchange of money taking place, also incorporates interviews and musical collaborations conducted within Oceania.

After the film was made, “IR negotiated a primetime slot on national Vanuatuan television to give the interviews directly back to the people of the region.”

The media contact for Indigenous Resistance, TFTT and the IR Label is Kokondadub. As he is on location, recording chants and music for the next release on the IR label, he can only be reached by email. His email address is jahdub.ghost.stories(at)

About IR
“Indigenous Resistance is a revolutionary musical collective creating crucial pan-global collaborations between indigenous cultures from the jungles, favelas and barrios with those in the industrialized world who work their musical magic in mixing studios and on laptops. IR releases are completely autonomous self-funded works achieved through barter, little money, but an abundance of commitment and co-operation.”

“IR also stands for indigenous reality, creating works that show the world of the indigenous as they really are, not the manufactured photo ops published in the mainstream press. ”

To date, IR has released 26 productions. Their latest EP This Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere is available online at their official website,

You can also learn more about IR at and connect with them at and

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