Ipperwash inquiry concludes
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Ipperwash inquiry concludes

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June 1, 2007

The Ipperwash Inquiry which began in Novermber 2003, finally came to an end yesterday. The final report concludes that the government of former Ontario premier Mike Harris, Ottawa and the OPP all bear responsibility for the events that led to the death of Dudley George in 1995.

A number of recommendations have been made in the report. Among them:

Unfortunately, no true conclusions could be drawn in regard to Mike Harris’ racist and incendiary comments, which may have been a direct cause of the unarmed Dudley’s death.

To that I must ask, why is there no conclusion? And does it have anything to do with the mysterious death of 3 Police Officers, before they had the chance to testify at the inquiry?

These simple questions will like remain unanswered, but that doesn’t matter so long as there is Justice, and so long as Dudley didn’t die for nothing…

In respect to this, let us hope that Canada responsibly acts on what Dudley’s brother urged earlier today… for Canada and Ontario to Return Ipperwash Provincial Park to the Stoney Point First Nation. It’s time to return the land Canada.

From the CBC – “Can we agree, in the next week or so, to commit that those 109 acres be returned to native people?” George asked reporters Friday at the Ontario legislature in Toronto. “I think such a commitment would be a strong signal to people across the country, native and non native, and that we could increase the trust and honour between us.”

He also warned the government could spark more occupations the longer it waits to act on recommendations by the inquiry into his brother’s death. (source)


See here for a semi-detailed history of events before and after September 7, 1995

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