Interview with Max “Duramunmun” Harrison

Interview with Max “Duramunmun” Harrison

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March 28, 2009

In this video, Max “Duramunmun” Harrison, an elder of the Yuin Nation of Southeast Australia, talks to globabloneness about the fundamental differences between Indigenous and modern Euro-Australian worldviews.

One of the main differences, says Max, is that Creation is seen as something separate in Australian (read: colonial) society. It is a deeply-rooted misconception that alienates creation and our relationship with all life. For instance, we’re taught that vegetables come from a store…

Who we believe we are, and our Respect and appreciation for what we have seems to be entirely misplaced.

At the same time, Indigenous understandings in the society are denied any credibility. For instance, developers refuse to respect the sacredness of the land because they cannot “see” anything sacred about it. Says Max: perhaps the sacred isn’t something we can see, as much as it is the way we feel and live?

Ultimately, we all share the same Earth, he adds. The same land, water, and air. If we are to believe anything, let it be in Creation, in the Earth istelf. We owe everything to her after all… And with out her we are nothing.

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