International Tribunal to Address Health and Social Impacts of GoldCorp

International Tribunal to Address Health and Social Impacts of GoldCorp

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June 16, 2012

On July 14th and 15th, 2012, affected community members, scientists, spiritual leaders, journalists, human rights advocates and others will gather in San Miguel Ixtahuacán, San Marcos, Guatemala, for the much-anticipated Peoples’ International Health Tribunal (PIHT).

Over the course of two days, the community-driven tribunal will address the health and social impacts of Goldcorp Inc. especially with regard to the Marlin mine in Guatemala, the Los Filos mine in Mexico and the San Martín Mine in Honduras.

The entire event will be streamed live on the internet.

During the course of the tribunal, the distinguished panel of jury members will deliberate on the following questions:

1. How has Goldcorp affected health and well-being of the communities in question?
2. Does Goldcorp have the social license to operate in these particular communities?

And further, to consider the role/responsibility of the company and state-governments, in particular:

1. What has been the response of the government and the company to the issue presented?
2. What role have the local, municipal and federal Guatemalan authorities and the Canadian
government played in relation to the company? What are the responsibilities of these

The overall goal of the Tribunal, however, is not to simply single out the impudent mining company and those who enable it. As outlined in a June 4 press release, the organizers* also hope to:

1. Bring attention to the broad range of health concerns that Goldcorp-affected communities are experiencing.

2. Collectively engage in a popular process for greater transparency and accountability of Goldcorp’s actions in communities in which they have or currently do operate.

3. Provide a space for community members to exchange knowledge and share strategies in light of Goldcorp’s impact on their lives.

4. Push for policy changes and socio-cultural shifts that bring about greater respect for indigenous sovereignty, the environment, health and human rights in corporate mining practices in our respective countries.

To learn more about the Peoples’ International Health Tribunal and how you can get involved, please visit

* The tribunal is being organized by The Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN), the Mesoamerican Movement against the Extractive Mining Model (M4), the San Miguel Ixtahuacán Defense Front (FREDEMI), the Parrish Commission Kolol Qnan Tx’otx’ of San Miguel Ixtahuacán and the International Coalition against Unjust Mining in Guatemala (CAMIGUA).

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