Intercontinental Cry Magazine is nine! Help us get started on the road to ten!

Intercontinental Cry Magazine is nine! Help us get started on the road to ten!

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June 14, 2013

Dear Readers,

As you may already know, Intercontinental Cry  launched an Indiegogo campaign last week to raise money for the launch of our ninth anniversary magazine and to help us pay a hefty bill that we got shouldered with after a botched deal with a major US radio station.

So far, ten people have donated to the campaign including Tiokasin GhostHorse of First Voices Indigenous Radio, two of IC’s very own sustainers and two members of the Media Coop. We also just got word that the owner of Kendrick Printing–the company to which we are currently in debt–has decided to donate to the campaign as well.

We are very grateful and honoured for each and everyone of our donors, but we can’t stop there. We have to keep moving down this road and we need each and every one our readers to help push us.

If each person who read IC this month donated just $5 to our fundraiser we would have about $197,000. Fortunately, we only need a tiny fraction of that.

And so I offer this humble appeal: If you find value in the work that we do, please head over to indiegogo today and donate whatever you can! You can donate through paypal or with a credit card

Or, if you want to help us on a more long-term basis, sign up to our sustainer program!

Good people, after nine years, it’s time to bring IC to the next level! The global indigenous movement is growing with each passing day and we must grow with it.

John Ahni Schertow
Editor & Publisher

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