Intercontinental Cry Launches Indigenous Reporting Fund

Intercontinental Cry Launches Indigenous Reporting Fund

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September 10, 2018

WINNIPEG – Intercontinental Cry (IC) announced today that it is launching a new international award program for Indigenous reporters.

“This is a momentous occasion”, said IC founding editor John Anni Schertow. “There are so many stories that fall through the cracks because Indigenous reporters can’t find the funding they need to carry out important field work. We are now in the position to help ease that burden and in the process bring some powerful stories to the international community.”

The Intercontinental Cry Indigenous Reporting Award (ICIRA) stems from a new partnership between Intercontinental Cry, The US-based Center for World Indigenous Studies and the Swiss-based human rights organization Incomindios.

This unique international partnership provides IC with funding to carry out indigenous rights investigations in the western hemisphere.

“We are deeply honored that an organization like Incomindios has recognized our investigative capabilities. The ICIRA would not be possible without their financial backing,” adds Schertow.

During the program’s first year of operation, IC will issue four calls for applications, with each call focusing on a specific region or theme. Its first call focuses on the Mapuche in Chile and the Peruvian Amazon.

For more information, please visit the official page of the Intercontinental Cry Indigenous Reporting Award.

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