Intercontinental Cry accused of copyright infringement

Intercontinental Cry accused of copyright infringement

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February 13, 2007

A few days ago I posted an article here called Cambodia – Indigenous People Losing Land, Culture. If you look at that page now, you’ll notice that it was taken down.

Yesterday I received the following email:

I am the publisher of The Cambodia Daily. I would like to write
you about a violation of our copyright on your site. Could you
please provide me your e-mail address.
Bernard Krisher

I replied

Are you referring to….

Bernard – If you truely feel I have done something wrong here and wish me to take that article down, I’d be more than happy to do so. But let me say that up until your email, I didn’t even know about I was actually thinking that (where I got that article from) was the Cambodia Daily — and I hadn’t seen a copyright statement there.

If I had, or if I knew of and so would have seen the copyright statement on the front page, I most certainly would have asked permission before reposting it on my website.

I’m really not interested in breaking any laws, or disserving, or for that matter the People of Cambodia — I only wanted to tell people about that situation.

Perhaps you would now be willing to grant me permission — to keep the article up?.



His response was

Dear Ahni,
I can’t give you premission after the fact when the article was lifted from a consistent and continuing copyright violator whom we intend to sue. Please remove the article and any others from your site and send us a $10.00 penalty payment to:

Attention Bernard Krisher
4-1-7-605 Hiroo
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (150-0012)

Best regards,
Bernard Krisher

to which I responded


I have taken off the article as you’ve requested – and there are no others from the Cambodia Daily on Intercontinental Cry.

Regarding the money – As an innocent third party, I should be held harmless in this situation. Any fees should only come from the original violators of your copyright,

With that said, the intercontinental Cry will not carry any further articles form the Cambodia Daily.



Just a short while ago I received this last email

Dear Ahni,
The $10 is a harmless, symbolic fee. We are very persistent about the unauthorized use of our material and will pursue it. Stolen goods found in a pawn shop are confiscated by the police and courts. The “innocent” owner forfeits it. This is a similar situation. We insist on the $10.

Best regards,

At this point I intend to hold true what I’ve stated. It’s not my fault violated their copyright, and I can’t be held responsible for their actions. Nor should I be accused of committing a crime (symbolic or otherwise) because of the actions of another which resulted in my being misled, and posting one article under a false pretense

Further, I cited the source to the best of my awareness and ability, with the sole intent of telling people about the situation – and when informed of some concerns, I acted responsibly.

To use his own example — the goods purchased by the innocent bystander were returned. And now, having done nothing wrong — he should be able to walk away, free from threats and requests for money by the ‘original owner’. (which I think is extortion)

Your thoughts?

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