Takla Lake


Takla Lake Nation is a First Nation based around Takla Lake in North Central British Columbia. The traditional territory of the Takla Lake First Nation totals approximately 27,250 square kilometres.

Today, the Takla Lake Nation is an amalgamation of the North Takla Band and the Fort Connelly Band, a union which occured in 1959. The traditional lands are the geographic area occupied by their ancestors .

The Takla Lake people currently speak predominantly English and the Babine dialect of Babine-Witsuwit’en, locally referred to as “Carrier”. Until recently, many people also spoke Sekani, and some spoke Gitksan. Some people also speak the Stuart Lake dialect of Carrier. The overall identification of the community is as Carrier.

The pot-latch system and clan system continue to play an important role.

Traditional skills of tanning hides, sewing, and beading of traditional garments have been maintained to a high degree. Elders are held in high esteem in the community, considered to be an important resource, and play an active role in the community.

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