India: Traditional knowledge in Lepcha and Limbu communities (Kalimpong, Eastern Himalaya)The Lepcha or Róng people, also called Róngkup (“children of the Róng”) and Mútuncí Róngkup Rumkup (“beloved children of the Róng and of God”), and Rongpa, are the Indigenous people of Sikkim, India. Many Lepcha are also found in western and southwestern Bhutan, Tibet, Darjeeling, the Ilam District of eastern Nepal, and in the hills of West Bengal.. Overall, there are between 30,000 and 50,000 Lepchas.

The Lepchas are divided into many clans (Lepcha: putsho), each of which reveres its own sacred lake and mountain peak (Lepcha: dâ and cú) from which the clan derives its name.

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