Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug


Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (Gichi-namegosib ininiwag) also known as Big Trout Lake First Nation or KI for short, is a Cree community in Northwestern Ontario. The population of Big Trout Lake was 1,322 residents in January 2007, making it one of the largest First Nations communities in the region.

KI was sued for $10 billion by Platinex Inc. over an interim order preventing Platinex from exploring on their traditional territory. The lawsuit bankrupted the already-impoverished First Nation. Fortunately, the Ontario Superior Court ruled in favour of KI, issuing three orders in May, 2007: a Consultation protocol; a timetable; and an MOU on the KI, Platinex, and Ontario. The Court held that appropriate consultation funding was necessary, and that the Court would continue to supervise and facilitate the consultation process. The KI’s position had been that “the serious imbalance between the fiscal position(s) of the parties renders the consultation process unfair.”

A serious of widely reported events followed the ruling, including the arrest of KI Chief Donnie Morris and others from the community. Ultimately, however, Platinex was left with no choice but to walk away.

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