The Kiliwa, (or Kolew, as they call themselves) originally inhabited a wide territory in northern Baja California, including much of the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Baja California’s highest mountain range.[1]

As the smallest remaining indigenous Kumeyaay Peoples in Baja California, the survival of the Kiliwa has been a serious challenge which has required a diverse subsistence strategy including small scale agriculture, raising livestock, harvesting of palmilla and jojoba seed, collecting honey, production of handcrafts and working as wage laborers on neighboring cattle ranches or in the fields of Trinidad Valley[2] , where the Kiliwa are primarily located today.

Other Kumeyaay communities include Juntas De Neji, San Jose De La Zorra, San Antonio Necua, Cañon De Los Encino, La Huerta, Santa Catarina, San Isidoro and El Mayor Cucapa

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