Contested Indigeneities, Contested Land: An Amazigh Perspective on the Western Sahara

The Western Sahara has long been a point of virulent contention in North Africa. Colonized by Spain until 1975, narratives of the history of the region differ dramatically based on political views. Is Morocco ‘illegally occupying’ the territory or has it ‘always been’ a part of Morocco? Did Moroccan King Hassan II’s Green March ‘invade’ […]

Free People: The Imazighen of North Africa

North Africa is widely portrayed as a part of the ‘Arab world’ or even together or associated with the Middle East, with the unfortunate misconception that Arabs are indigenous to North Africa. Yet there is an extensive ‘non-Arab’ population in North Africa: the true Indigenous people of the region. We are called Amazigh, plural Imazighen, […]

Amazigh Spring

While much was made in Western media over the phenomenon they dubbed Arab Spring, the events of that uprising did not take place in Arabia, but rather in Africa. While Arabic is the dominant language in North Africa, it isn’t the only one. As Nuunja Kahina writes in Decolonization, the indigenous languages of North Africa […]

The Idea of War

According to Slavenka Drakulic, author of The Balkan Express, war is a simple matter. No politics, no dilemmas, nothing but struggle. Prior to this state of affairs, though, comes a process of getting used to the idea of war, making the idea a part of everyday life. “Then,” she observes, “rules can change, rules of […]


As reported by Karlos Zurutuzi at IPS, the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia — an indigenous resistance to colonization in Algeria — has a history extending back to the seventh century, when Arabs invaded the territory of the Amazigh (Berbers) across North Africa. Having fought both the Arabs and later French invaders, the six […]

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