The Bribri, located in the mountains and low-lying coastal areas of southern Costa Rica and northern Panama, are the original inhabitants of Talamanca.

The Bribri are sometimes referred to as “the hidden people” because of their extreme isolation from Costa Rica’s public life. [1].

Fortunately, that isolation has allowed the Bribri to maintain their language, culture and their economy. The Bribri are agriculturalists; and with more than 120 wild and domestic crops, they are relatively self-sufficient. [2]

There are four Bribri reservations in total: the Talamanca Bribri and Këköldi on the Atlantic watershed, and the Salitre and Cabagra on the Pacific watershed.

The Bribri’s population on reserve is about 11,500; although, according to some estimates, their true population is closer to 35,000.

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