Aymara Mother

The Aymara or Aimara are an ancient people of herders and farmers that continue to use ancestral techniques.

Over time, the Aymara spread from the shores of the Titicaca Lake and the Andean Mountains to the northeast of Argentina. Their territory expands over the borders of several nation states, including Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

The Aymara economy depends on exchanges between producers from the higher and lower altitudes. In the Altiplano, people have abundant livestock but few plantations, while those living in the precordillera, produce plenty of vegetables, fruits and seeds, mainly due to their efficient system of traditional terraces.

Their economy is based on reciprocity, or “ayne”, that grants every Aymara the return of what is given.

You can learn more about the Aymara at http://www.beingindigenous.org/regions/aymara/region_aymara.htm

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