Indigenous Peoples Planning for the US Social Forum

Indigenous Peoples Planning for the US Social Forum

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April 11, 2007

Indigenous Peoples Planning for the US Social Forum
From: Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)
Apr 11, 2007

We are calling to action, all Relatives of the Four Directions of our Indigenous/Native communities to participate in the Opening March of the U.S. Social Forum on June 27th at 2pm Eastern Time zone.

The National Planning Committee of the USSF is recognizing the right of our original peoples of these lands to stand first in the line up of the March.

Our traditional territories and sacred lands lie within the colonial government called the United States.

Please come out, bring your issues, drums, songs, Native staffs and flags, and banners to represent the great diversity of our Indigenous Nations in the historical march.

Leading our Indigenous procession in the larger US Social Forum Opening March will be the Native traditional keepers of the Southeastern region surrounding Atlanta.

For more information on the March please refer to this link:

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